Please, who is not going to Canada?

It’s an exodus. At least twice in a week, I hear of someone who is either about to travel or is already processing his papers. Everyone is migrating to Canada. People are resigning, whole families uprooting themselves and replanting their homes in Canada.

I am sure your firm has felt the weight too, the weight of Nigeria’s future dragging their talents and skills to Canada. But this is not a rant about ‘brain drain’ and its unfavorable effects. I am not even about to tell you not to move to Canada- no, I don’t have the right. You should go, if you feel the need to go. We are all looking for greener pastures. I can only pray that the journey is favorable for you- like Isaac in Gerar or the sons of Jacob who sought bread in Egypt. May none of us take the kind of trip Elimelech took that made his wife want to change her name from ‘full’ to ‘bitter’.

My real concern is with those of us who are staying behind. If you do not have relocation plans, grab a seat and a drink, let’s talk. The way I see it, this is our opportunity. It looks like Nigeria has nothing to offer but this exodus is offering us plenty. If you look closely, you’ll observe that all these resignations are creating job opportunities for those left behind. This is the perfect time for that career upgrade you have been desiring. Get that extra degree, take that course, finish that programme, repackage that CV, the land is about to turn really green. I believe there is nothing worse than begging God to open new doors only for the doors to meet you unprepared. I see a rain of opportunities for people who understand the times.

This is our chance to improve our lives and our country. It looks like our best skills are boarding the place to Canada, but it means there is room for new experts. This is the time for you to hone your skills till you become the new ‘most sought after’ in your field.

It is also a wakeup call for those of us who do not have the means or desire to leave. Our families and investments are here, we cannot afford to see this country fall. Travail for Nigeria on your knees, but by all means get your PVC too. Don’t just discuss about politics, get involved, do your part.
We can birth the new Nigeria, this exodus can become our turning point- if we choose to. Take a stance, then take some steps, do everything you can.

God bless Nigeria.

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

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  1. Another great post Bunmi. And like you have said (though never thought of it that way), the opportunities are opening already and preparation is very key!

    Well done sis!

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