Of fixed eyes and unbowed heads…

This is the generation of them that seek you
That seek your face oh Jacob

But it hardly appears that way
Not with the heart-breaking news we endure everyday
Paedophilia, extra-judicial killings, impunity and outright sin
Our daily realities, on our screens, colouring every scene
We cry for respite, complain and hope, then despair
But things deteriorate, almost too bad for repair
Time was when we urged one another to arise
Morning meetings, whatsapp BCs, prayers from all quarters
But reality pushed us further into uncertain waters
Now like Elijah, we dare to scream, get me out of here, there’s only me;
Dusting our passports or bemoaning our fate, hope appears even more lean;
If only like Gehazi, our eyes are opened to see;
Chariots of fire disbursed for our victory, solidly on our side, cheering us on;
7000 prophets, who would rather die than bow their heads to Baal;
Tons of youths, even aged who are willing to rebuild the wall;
The battle is not lost, even if the victory is not yet won;
Get your lamb out, mark your lamp post, the Passover is here;
Like Isreal in Goshen, He still keeps in perfect peace they that stay their eyes;
Our victory is near, in your heart and mouth, right there;
You are the chosen generation, separated for his use at a time like this;
Let him find you at your post, head unbowed, hands busy, eyes staying;

This is the generation of them that seek you, yes
That seek your face oh Jacob.